The Campaign

Across the Chasm and the adventures within the campaign take place on the Island of Hârn. For more information and lore about Hârn, visit the Lore Master's records about the island. You can also review the Player's Guide to Hârn for more information.

The Adventure

Our first adventure The Eye of Darkness begins aboard the sloop Protuzka which is slowly approaching Port Golotha on the shores of Boka Bay. 

Adventure Teaser 

The following is an excerpt from the custom-written adventure The Eye of Darkness - Copyright Grey Beard

Act One, Scene One – The Messenger  

Just after dawn, you leave your modest sleeping area fashioned among various cargo crates within the hold of the Protuzka.  You stretch, dawn your gear and climb out onto the deck of the small sloop. Having been on the ship for two weeks…crossing the Haónic Sea…the shapes of Port Golotha and its city, bring a smile to your lips.

Your party is already gathered near the bow, relieved as well, that the crossing is nearing an end.  As you all discuss the wonders, lager houses and entertainment that await you onshore, you notice a raven approaching from the early morning mist. Arriving, it flies past you and lands on a wooden rail near the helm, right in front of the captain. The large, black bird cries loudly, then begins pecking the rail, near its foot. It's then, that you notice that a small, white cylinder is attached to its leg.

Captain Seamus Drake, a man you have casually come to know during the course of the voyage, removes the message.  You watch in mild interest as Drake opens the small container and unrolls the small scroll of paper, signs of confusion etching his expression.

"What the hell is this?" he asks, showing the message to his helmsman.

"Looks…Elvish to me cap'n." The sailor replies.

"You know how to read Elvish?" Drake asks. The helmsman shakes his head and shrugs.

Grady, one of the deckhands approaches the captain, having overheard the conversation.

"I know some, Captain. My sister taught me a bit a long time ago, when she was lernin it."

Drake hands the message to Grady. "Alright, then. See what you can make of this."

Grady scratches his beard and begins to read.

Darkest nights now.

Damnation behold.

Wings of Black, here unfold .

There is a brilliant flash of light as the scroll ignites in an engulfing purple flame which spreads instantly onto Grady, consuming him.  The sailor screams and a thunderous wave explodes outward from somewhere within the deck hand, vaporizing him in a cloud of red and purple mist. The force of the explosion knocks the captain, helmsman and all on deck, prone.

Moments seem like an eternity as your as you sit up, ears ringing and stars dancing in your eyes. You hear the raven screeching and watch it flopping violently, rolling around on the deck. The bird's form contorts and changes as you watch its form strangely fold in on itself and become spherical. The mass expands to the size of calf…a huge, matted ball of blood, feathers and gore.  The object hisses as if releasing steam then breaks open like a ruptured cyst…spilling out a strange, dark, horned creature.

Scrambling to your feet, you draw your sword. The creature on deck stretches, stands, looks at you, and roars – exposing its dagger like teeth and hate-filled crimson eyes. Turning, the monster whips its seven-foot frame in the direction of the unconscious Captain Drake. You watch as the thing lunges forward, claws outstretched, a singular target in mind. It reaches down, grabbing Drake by the throat, lifting the captain up to its own eye level with ease.

Drake regains consciousness, realizes the threat before him and claws instinctively at the creatures grip, in a futile attempt to escape the creature's iron-like clutch.

"WHERE…IS…IT!" The monster roars.

The commanding bellow of the unearthly abomination before you makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. The life in Drake's eyes, slowly begins to wane and you watch the captain's grip slide limply from around the creature's massive forearm.

You must act, and act quickly.

Tightening your grip on the hilt of your sword…you steel your nerves…and sprint forward. 

*Thanks for reading. Once the adventure is complete, I'll post the complete short story version of The Eye of Darkness in a "choose your own adventure" style format.  If you'd like a free copy of it, let me know via message, or in the forum…

~ Cheers, G.B.

Across the Chasm

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